Stuff I Like

In the manner of the annual Lifehacker Pack and Google’s Google Pack, here is a compilation of my favorite Windows apps and utilities.

Misc Utilities

File Sharing

  • Dropbox – My favorite file sharing option
  • –  Another great option.


  • PDF X-change – My PDF reader of choice these days.
  • Foxit – Great fast & lightweight PDF reader.
  • Nuance – Nice for .pdf to Word conversions
  • PDF Creator – Easy way to create your own PDF documents.


  • Picasa – If you work with photos this is a must have. Fantastic way to manage, edit & share your pictures.

PC Security/Maintenance


iOS Apps

  • Zite – Great way to find & track your favorite topics
  • Mobile RSS – Connects to Google Reader to harness the content of your RSS subscriptions. With this app you can read it all on the go.

One thought on “Stuff I Like

  1. LBC says:

    Speaking of stuff you like, you appear to be using a WordPress mobile plugin on the site. I like it. Seems to work well. You must like it too. Can you tell us which one it is?


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