How to Upgrade Your Copy & Paste Work With the Office Clipboard

Most people know that every time you cut or copy an item, it is saved in your computer’s short term memory  – in a place called the Clipboard. Once they’re on the clipboard you can paste them to other places like documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. This week I’d like to share a few things most people don’t know about the Office clipboard that will definitely help you work smarter, not harder.

Access the Clipboard to Work with Multiple Items

Unless you know this trick, you’ll only be able to work with a single copied item at a time. A much smarter, more efficient way to work when you’re copying, cutting and pasting a lot of things is to take advantage of the Office clipboard which can store many more than just one item. That way you only have to copy something once and it will always be available anytime you want it without requiring you to re-copy it again.

Accessing the Office Clipboard

  1. On the ‘Home’ tab in PowerPoint (or Word, Excel, etc) click  on the pop-out button in the bottom-right corner of the ‘Clipboard’ group.
  2. This opens a pane, showing you ALL the items that you’ve copied recently


High Capacity Clipboard

The Office clipboard can store up to 24 items at a time. And this includes items copied from anywhere not just Office. So go ahead and grab that info you from a website or anywhere and copy it. The Office clipboard will hold it for you until you need it.

Choosing What You Want to Paste

The most recent item you copied appears at the top of the clipboard pane. When you press ‘Ctrl + V’ to paste an item, it always pastes the last item copied. If you want to paste any of the other items you’ve accumulated on your clipboard, just click the drop-down next to the item you want and choose Paste.


..Or Paste Them All

Depending on how you’re using it, you can even paste everything you’ve added to your Office clipboard by clicking the Paste All button.

Remember, the clipboard is temporary storage and whenever you shut down or restart your computer your clipboard will be emptied.

Tip of the Week #421