Gboard: A Super Smart Upgrade for Your Phone

When you’re on your phone, searching and sending stuff can be challenging. For example, sending directions to the place you’re meeting a friend for lunch involves a lot of frustrating app switching, searching, copy & pasting, more app switching, etc. It’s enough to make many of us give up.

Fortunately, Google has come up with a new keyboard you can add to your iPhone that lets you search and send all kinds of things—restaurant info, flight times, news articles—right from your keyboard.

If you can find it on Google, you can find it with Gboard. The best part is that you can send your results (directions, phone numbers, etc) with a single tap. No muss. No fuss.


Glide Typing

As if that isn’t enough, my favorite Gboard feature is glide typing.  If you’ve never tried this, I think you’ll love it too. It works by letting you simply slide your finger from key to key instead of tapping each one individually—so much easier and faster.


Emojis & GIFs

Emojis and animated GIFs have become quite popular lately and they’re represented here too. Instead of scrolling through a massive library of icons, with Gboard you can just type what you want and Gboard will offer up a few relevant options. Again, so much easier and faster.

You can get Gboard for both iOS and Android.