Rock Your Docs With these Google Docs Tricks

Over the past few years, I’ve shifted almost all of my document creation tasks from Word to Google Docs. Mainly for the sharing and collaboration features and the fact that I can access my documents from anywhere.

At first, I really missed some of the ‘power’ features of Word but now that I’ve found some of these great tricks in Google Docs I’m a  pretty happy camper.

1. Templates

This is something most people don’t realize is in Google Docs. Sometimes I forget myself. Fortunately, a recent update puts these right at the top of the page when you get into Google Docs.


2. Automatic Table of Contents

Just like Word, Docs has styles (Heading 1, Heading 2, etc) which allows you to do several cool, time-saving things including automatically generating a table of content.

If you’ve already applied styles, it couldn’t be any easier. Go to Insert » Table of Contents.


3. Document Navigation

If you’re navigating longer documents, head over and grab the “Table of Contents” add-in  and you’ll get an automatic navigation sidebar.  (Not to be confused with the TOC we made above. ) You can get this and other useful add-ons via the Add-ons menu.