Improve Your Writing With Grammarly

Would you like to get rid of dangling modifiers, wordy sentences and other unwanted writing bugaboos? How about saving time in the process? Sounds good right?!

You can easily do this for all of your writing with Grammarly, which can find and fix most common writing errors. It even catches over 250 advanced grammar errors that Microsoft Word doesn’t even check for!

It’s sorta like having your high school English teacher watching over your shoulder — but not nearly as creepy as that would be.

You can use Grammarly online, via the browser add-in or you can grab the free add-in for Microsoft Word and Outlook.

Go ahead and give it a try. You’re old English teacher will approve!

#399 Fun & Easy Way to Put Photos/Screenshots into Realistic Scenes

Admittedly, this week’s tip is probably not for everyone but this is just too cool not to share. This website let’s you drop any image into a realistic setting on a computer, tablet or smartphone screen.  Just jump over to to pick a scene  you like. Then upload your image or enter a url and watch the magic happen. I know you could do the same thing using Photoshop but this is much easier, faster and a lot more fun.

When you’re done you can download your creation and use if for a presentation or even make it your desktop wallpaper.

Here are a few examples:

placeit (1)



Jump on over and check it out to see how you can impress you audiences, or even better yet, your boss!