#409 Quick & Easy Way To Change Text Case in Excel

The data you work with in your spreadsheets can come from a variety of sources. If you’re lucky everything is nice and consistent….but often its not.  Some cells are in ALL CAPS, some are all lowercase and some are even a jumbled mess of both.  You definitely can’t show that ugly stuff to your boss or your customers, so what can you do? Before you jump head first into manually editing it, or even worse retyping your data; you need to know these handy Excel formulats that can handle that job for you.

Let’s take a look at this sample spreadsheet.


Ugly right?!  No problem here are the Excel formulas you can use to change the text and use whatever case you want.


In a blank ‘helper’ column enter one of these formulas. Now you have two columns with the same data. Just copy the data from  your ‘helper’ column and paste them over the original data using Paste Special » Values.  Then delete your ‘helper’ column and now you’ve got time for a cup of coffee from all the time you just saved!


Word Documents Too!

If you ever need to do the same thing in a document, it is even easier in Word. Just select your text and use the ribbon to select what type of case you want.  Couldn’t be any easier!


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