The PowerPoint Sanity Saving Secret Everyone Should Know

Do you ever collaborate on slide decks with other authors? Many presentations at least get reviewed by someone other than yourself and usually it is painful? If you’re like most people you email copies around and have a heck of a time keeping track of everything. Who said what and when? What stays in? What gets thrown out? It can be a long and frustrating process….until now.

This week I’d like to show you a MUCH better way. The best part? You already have everything you need to make it happen for FREE!!

Keep reading for the details or click this link and try it out yourself. (Please add a slide and/or leave a comment so I know you were there!)

The key is saving your slides to a location that everyone working on can access. Enter Microsoft One Drive. One Drive is a free service from Microsoft that allows you to store and share your PowerPoint slides online. (and any other Office documents too.)

(This also works with SharePoint if you’re in an organization that has it available. One Drive is much easier though IMHO.)

One Drive keeps a central copy of your slides and records edits from multiple authors. You and your co-authors can see who is editing the presentation and where in the document they are working, and their changes get merged into your presentation.

Status Bar

Your collaborators don’t even need to have PowerPoint. They can use PowerPoint online (part of One Drive) for free. Just share the One Drive link with them and they’re off!


Setting Things Up

1. Upload your PowerPoint file to One Drive.

2. View your slide deck and click the “Share with People” button.

3. Choose one of the sharing options for your collaborators.

Now you’ll get a notification when someone else is editing your slides. Plus, PowerPoint’s commenting and review features make it easier for everyone involved and will help you ensure everything turns out just right.

Comments Compare

Once you’re up and running with this setup you’re free from the headaches of tracking and merging multiple slide decks. Plus you can go and do something fun with all the time you saved!s. Plus you can go and do something fun with all the time you saved!

Click here to jump into this slide deck that I created and add your own slide or leave a comment and let me know you were there! 


Tip of the Week #437

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